Every action demands ownership. However, I have noticed that accountability has devolved from taking responsibility for one's own actions to simply blaming, or being blamed. When something goes wrong, no matter how significant or trivial, it always seems to be someone else's fault. My paintings show the theatricality that is inherent in any quarrel, but also the psychological ramifications that make these situations so difficult to resolve.
By capturing the dynamics between two individuals trapped in perpetual conflict, I explore the emotional manipulation and power struggle that exist in relationships social, political, interpersonal, and otherwise. To this end, I isolate the figures in my paintings inharmoniously within the confines of their frame. The ambiguously empty and fragmented interiors confound our confidence in perspective, and relate the paintings in a disquieting and unlikely space. In other words, the subjects and the viewer become prisoners of the format. The stifling claustrophobia of their internment seems to elicit responses ranging from indignation to outright hostility.
We are surrounded by these figures, observing them from extreme angles above and below, caught in a soundless crossfire. The paintings show how a pointed finger can convey disappointment just as easily as denial. This, in turn, demonstrates how quickly our social conditions change depending on our point of view. We are forced into the position of the oppressor and the oppressed, a difficult position to occupy simultaneously. A silent dispute now exists between paintings, and between the paintings and the viewer, bringing the simmering mood of ire and confusion to a boil.